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Solid Cologne What Is It and Why You Should Use It.

Solid Cologne What Is It and Why You Should Use It.
May 13, 2018 Stag Supply
In The Look

Taken from an original article by our friends at The Bearded Stag which can be found here.

As men we like to travel light we don’t need a giant handbag to carry our daily essentials, however, there are a few items that go everywhere with us and we feel lost if we leave home without anyone of the daily pocket essentials, keys check, wallet check, phone check, solid cologne ch….huh?

That’s right we now have a convenient way of smelling great all day, everywhere we go. You may have heard about men’s solid cologne already or you may be wondering what the heck we are talking about, either way, read on and find out why it’s had such a popular rise in men’s culture over the last year or two. Solid cologne has some great advantages over a traditional spray which we will get to in a minute but the biggest reason for its popularity is the sheer convenience and size of this product. Popping a tiny tin in your pocket is so unobtrusive and gives us men an easy way to keep up a great scent all day without anyone even knowing we are doing it. A solid cologne will generally last longer than a spray anyway but whenever you need a boost in the scent department whether it’s to impress, increase your confidence or just smell great all the time grab your cologne from your pocket, pop the lid, rub some on your skin and behind your ears and within a couple of seconds you’re good to go.

So let’s get into some of the benefits a solid cologne has over a traditional spray.


The size of solid cologne is quite small as a little bit goes a long way that putting the tin in your pocket is so unnoticeable. You can grab it out at any time with ease to refreshen your scent, try doing that with you 100ml glass bottle of spray cologne.


A traditional spray cologne generally relies on alcohol as the main ingredient to spray the scent onto your body. This will evaporate quite quickly and lessen the scent over time. A solid cologne is generally made from waxes and oils as the main ingredient to carry the scent, these ingredients take a much longer time to break down and evaporate leaving the scent with you for a longer time than a spray cologne.


Going on vacation or a work trip through the airport? you have no reason to worry about getting called over with a solid cologne in your pocket or travel bag. Not to mention the tiny size a solid cologne isn’t going to take up any valuable space in your bag and if you do keep it in your gym bag or travel bag you don’t need to worry about throwing it around and having a glass bottle shatter spilling a spray cologne everywhere.


Whether you’re at an office desk or a crowded room applying a spray cologne in public is highly likely to get you some weird looks, people will either cough in disgust at the cloud of strong smelling cologne you have just sprayed obnoxiously everywhere or people are going to judge how vain you must be to keep applying your cologne every few hours. All those problems are non-existent with a solid cologne, simply slide back the tin, rub some on your wrists and behind the ear and no one will even know you’ve reapplied your cologne, people will wonder how you smell good all the time and not just first thing in the morning.


Because a solid cologne is a wax and oil based product it can withstand most weather effects, going for a swim or getting caught out by unexpected rain isn’t going to wash away your scent. For the most part, solid cologne is water resistant as the water will just roll over the top of wherever you have applied it. A hot day is likely to make a traditional cologne evaporate quicker, again solid cologne doesn’t have the same problem due to the nature of the ingredients that are used and its long-lasting nature.

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