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  • $49.90

    The Whiskey Beard Wash Kit

    The Whiskey Beard Wash Kit will not only groom, clean, and style your beard but it will create an intoxicating, exotic scent of some premium top-shelf whiskey for you and your beard to enjoy. The beard wash kit is the perfect two-step system for achieving that squeaky clean and soft beard. Simply clean your beard with the Smoked Whiskey Activated Charcoal Beard Shampoo, then follow with the Whiskey Old Fashioned Conditioning beard oil. Your beard will feel soft and amazing and smell even better. Stay classy gentlemen. Kit Contains, 1 x 250 ml Activated Charcoal Beard Wash Smoked Whiskey 1 x 25 ml Whiskey Old Fashioned Beard Conditioning Oil
  • $74.00

    The Sweet Beard Oil Collection

    The “full” sweet beard oil collection. Featuring 4 different beard oils, Salted Caramel Beard Oil, Red Gummy Beard beard Oil, Buttered Popcorn Beard Oil, and Dark Chocolate Beard Oil all housed within an awesome gift box ready to make your beard or a beard you know as happy as a kid in a candy shop! The sweet collection beard oils are some of the most unique and crowd-pleasing beard oil scents around and you’ll never get bored with one scent as you can switch it up daily based on how your feeling. By purchasing these together in the set you actually get one beard oil completely for free giving you awesome value in this boxed set. 4 x 25ml Beard Oils
  • $60.00

    The Beard Styling Tube Gift Pack

    If a great looking beard is what you're after this is the kit for you. The Beard Styling Tube makes achieving a great beard so easy and effortless with all the products you need to get your beard soft to touch, looking great, styled and feeling fresh. All housed in a stylish tube making it the perfect gift for a beard you know or an exceptionally good treat for yourself. Kit Contains: Spice Smuggler Beard Oil 25ml Beard Hero Rescue Balm 120ml Wooden Beard Comb Beard Cheat Card

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