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The Ultimate Beard Kit

The Ultimate Beard Kit

The Ultimate Beard Kit


I had heard about this exact beard grooming kit for ages and finally got around to trying it… my beard has never been better, I only wish I got it sooner.Luke C

The ultimate beard grooming kit is your ticket to your best beard yet! Experience the feeling thousands of Aussie beards before you have felt when they take their scruffy, itchy, rough beard, and turn it into a glorious beard that not only looks groomed but also feels great to touch and smells even better. The ultimate beard grooming kit will improve your beard from top to bottom, it comes bundled with 4 of our best-selling beard products to do so.

  • 250ml Activated Charcoal beard Wash: You’ll start by cleansing your beard with our number 1 selling activated charcoal beard wash which uses the power of charcoal to clean your beard without stripping the natural oils.
  • 25ml Forest Blend Beard Oil: Next, you’ll soften up your beard with our beard oil enriched with 11 different oils to condition your skin and beard.
  • 120ml Beard Hero Rescue Balm: Lastly, you’ll finish it off and add style to your beard with our beard hero rescue balm which will ensure a full looking beard with minimal flyaway strands and offers a light all-day style hold.
  • Wooden Beard Comb: Don’t forget to bring it all together with your bonus wooden beard comb.
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Australian Made beard Grooming At It’s Best

Our products are proudly Australian made and owned enriched with locally sourced ingredients, even down to our packaging and labeling. Designed with our harsh Australian environment in mind you can be sure our products will stand up to our unique conditions.

The Ultimate Kit Includes:

Activated Charcoal Beard Wash 250ml

Spice Smuggler Beard Oil 25ml

Beard Hero Rescue Balm 120ml

Bonus Wooden Beard Comb

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