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The Whiskey Beard Kit

The Whiskey Beard Kit


The Whiskey Beard Wash Kit will not only groom, clean, and style your beard but it will create an intoxicating, exotic scent of some premium top-shelf whiskey for you and your beard to enjoy. The beard wash kit is the perfect two-step system for achieving that squeaky clean and soft beard. Simply clean your beard with the Smoked Whiskey Activated Charcoal Beard Shampoo, then follow with the Whiskey Old Fashioned Conditioning beard oil. Your beard will feel soft and amazing and smell even better. Stay classy gentlemen.

Kit Contains,

1 x 250 ml Activated Charcoal Beard Wash Smoked Whiskey

1 x 25 ml Whiskey Old Fashioned Beard Conditioning Oil

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Give your beard the cleansing of a lifetime with our intoxicating scented smoked whiskey, activated charcoal beard wash. The smoked whiskey scent is a balanced blend of sweet tobacco, rich woodsmoke, and aged whiskey. Is an experience so rich, so dapper, you’ll feel like your beard is kicking back with the finest drop of whiskey in hand.

You’ll also experience the power of activated charcoal as it adsorbs a wide range of impurities, dirt, and toxins and flushes them from your beard. A beard cleanser to stand up to the manly requirements that are asked of it. In fact, the activated charcoal beard wash is so effective we recommend using it as a once-a-week cleanse unless you’re an absolute beast of a man, wrestling crocodiles on the daily you may want to use it twice.

A powerful beard cleaner that harnesses the power of activated charcoal to strip and flush your beard clean. Balanced with a moisturising blend of oils, waxes and aloe vera to soften as well as clean. A convenient once a week formula for the busy beardsman scented with an intoxicating smoked whiskey scent. Sulfate Free, Paraben Free, Silicone Free.

250ml Pop top cap.


Apply a small amount to wet beard in the shower, scrub and allow to foam with water. Wait two minutes before rinsing. For the perfect treatment always follow with a Stag Supply Beard Conditioning Oil or similar oil after use. Use once to twice a week. Also suitable as a body wash and regular shampoo.


Just like cracking the lid on a rich luxurious whiskey bottle, you’re instantly hit with a scent profile of aged whiskey oak barrels, muddled sugar, citrus, and a dash of vanilla. It’s not overpowering but has been carefully balanced to be a mellow blend that provides a rich experience for you and those close to your beard to smell. All while softening and conditioning your beard, it’s a beard experience like none other.

For a softer, beard that feels great, looks good and smells even better.

Stag Supply beard oil is handcrafted from 100% natural ingredients and designed to be a lightweight non-greasy oil. Crafted with a range of carrier and essential oils, all picked because of their benefits for your hair and skin, ensuring your beard gets all the vitamins and minerals to foster a healthy environment. The formula locks in moisture, leaving your hair and skin soft, luscious and itch-free

25 ml glass bottle with dropper top.


Apply 5 to 7 drops of beard oil daily to a damp beard, work the oil through your beard making sure you reach the skin beneath. Finish styling your beard in the direction you desire with the remaining oil on your hands.

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The Whiskey Beard Wash Kit

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