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The Story


Stag Supply is an Australian company that makes male beard hair and skin care products that simply put make men feel like men. Simple, effective products that don’t make you feel like you’re losing your manhood purchasing them.

Our co-founders have spent several years in the male hair and skin industry between them and have developed a knowledge and understanding of what Australian men need and look for. So off to the man lab/cave/beer lounge they set to create a small collection of products to get you men scrubbed up and looking the best you can.

Powerful and potent ingredients have been meticulously collected and combined with the likes of pirate tears, shark teeth and mixed by T-Rex arms to not only harness the powerful benefits of nature but to give you the manliest beard, hair and skin care products from this ‘ere’ rock.

Stag Supply products are simple with no confusing formulas, they’ve been crafted to do, as they say, no silly claims. We just make good products designed specifically for you men, scrub up and present yourself as the gentleman you are.


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